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Asava is well-known traditional biomedicine in Ayurvedic pharmacy sciences. It is the foundation for several Ayurvedic medicines. It is used to treat large human body systems. These include the neurological system, and blood circulation system. It also includes treatment of the respiratory system. Even the excretory system. Diabetic patients, on the other hand, are hesitant to consume these items. This is because of the greater sugar/jaggery and honey content. The diabetic Mellitus condition affects 72.9 million persons in India. We chose to perform multiple investigations. These help to produce the innovative sugar-free Ayurvedic asava formulation. This formulation is acceptable due to a large number of diabetic patients.
Sugar-free asava formulation and content have an entirely different fermenting process. It was made with anti-diabetic herbs as fermentation initiators. These initiators excluded sugar, jaggery, or honey. This makes it safe for diabetics to consume. Patients can drink the formulation straight from the bottle, with or without water.

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