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Ghrita reduces pitta and vata and is excellent for rasa, shukra and oja. It relieves burning sensations, softens tissues. It also enhances voice and complexion. Internal use of Ghritams is suggested for all forms of chronic fever. Ghrita’s smoothness calms vata, cools pitta, and when paired with kapha-calming herbs cures kapha. As a result, ghrita, like water, is beneficial in all types of jra jwara. Ghee is used to treat chronic fever in the same way that water is used to put out fires. No other sneha has the distinct features of ghrita. It has good capacity to adapt the properties of the herbs without losing its own. When it combines with herbs which is rich in nourishing characteristics. This is useful in treating diseases. It is use in obstructive illnesses when prepare with herbs which has detoxifying qualities.

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