Baesic ultra-thin sanitary napkin for regular flow ( L/280 mm ) – Pack of 4


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Buy Baesic sanitary napkins are 2x softer, leakproof and without any chemicals, artficial scents, prints and bleaches.They are so thin that you’ll barely feel like wearing a pad. Each sanitary napkin comes with an individual resealable biodegradable disposal bag for hygienic diposal to keep the enviornment clean. The outer packaging is made from reycled plastic and is 100% biodegradable.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 12 cm

1. Take the pad out of the disposal bag 2. Remove the release paper from the back 3. Press the sticky side in the center of your underwear 3. Remove the release paper from the wings 4. Wrap the wings around both sides of the underwear


Rash-free, 2x softer, skin-friendly, organic, free disposal bags, Biodegardable packaging

Dosage & Direction

Keep changing your sanitary napkin after 4-6 hours for a better period experience.

Shelf Life

3 years

Country of origin


Brand Name

A Kay Hygiene


Rash-free, 2x softer, irritan-free, chemical free, free diposal bags


A Kay Hygiene