Cipzer Itrifal Kishnizi – 125gm


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Itrifal Kishneezi is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation made from commonly known herbs may provide relief from digestive distress like gas, hyperacidity, flatulence and bloating. It contains household herbs and spices like Ajwain, Ginger, Hing and Kala Namak that are also be helpful to elevate your immunity and energy levels. Consume twice a day, post your meals or as directed by the Ayurvedic practioner. INGREDIENTS:Post Halela Zard,Halela Kabuli,Halela Siyah,Post Balela,Amla,Kishneez Khushk,roghan badam,Shahad / Honey

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Post Halela Zard, Halela Kabuli, Halela Siyah, Post Balela, Amla, Kishneez Khushk, roghan badam, Shahad / Honey


The product aims to strengthen the brain, nervous system and intestines, It helps to reduce constipation, Helps to relieve chronic cold permanently, It is helpful in the case of headache, dizziness and sore eyes, caused due to cold, It aims to reduce the pain and bleeding of nose and ears

Shelf Life

18 Months

Dosage and Directions

12 g to 25 g in the morning or bed time with milk.

Storage Conditions

Cold And Dry Place, Away From Sunlight

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