Cipzer Karela Jamun Juice – 500ml


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MAJOON-E-HAMAL AMBARI ALWI KHANI is an ayurvedic supplement that supports women’s health needs. The herbs used to make these tonic are popularly known for maintaining a healthy functioning of the uterus. In case of lower abdominal pain during women’s menstrual cycle, MAJOON-E-HAMAL AMBARI ALWI KHANI’s herbal ingredients may help relieve discomfort. Ingredients : Agar (Aquilaria agallochca), Burada Sandal Surkh (Pterocarpus santalinus), Burada Sandal Safaid (Santalum album), Banslochan (Bambsa arundinacea), Baikh anjbar (Polygonum bistorta), Tukhm Khurfa Siyah (Portulaca oleracea), Daronaj Aqrabi (Doronicum hookeri), Ood Saleeb (Paeonia officinalis),Mazoo Sabz (Quercus infectoria), Maghz Tukhm Tarbooz (Citrulus vulgaris), Busud Ahmar Muharriq Mehlool, Marwareed Mehlool, Abresham Muqarraz,

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Pure extracts of Karela, Jamun, Amla, Neem, Giloy, Sadabahar


Helps control high glucose, Encourages animates pancreas to create insulin, Animates liver to discharge stomach related catalysts, Fills in as a hors d?oeuvre, Valuable in clogging, hemorrhoids and heaps, Helps evacuate intestinal tract worms, Cleans blood and battles diseases, Exceptionally powerful in skin sicknesses, Zero side effects, Certified by GMP and other major institutions

Shelf Life

18 Months

Dosage and Directions

Consume 20 – 50 ml in the morning and evening twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Storage Conditions

Cold And Dry Place, Away From Sunlight

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