Cipzer Majun Azraqi – 125gm


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Cipzer Arq Mako is Unani medicine prepared with distillation method from Solanum Nigrum plant. It is used for the diseases of abdominal organs including stomach, intestine, liver, and spleen and has a hepatoprotective action. It is highly beneficial for reducing hepatic inflammation and jaundice.

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Azaraqi Mudabbar Strychnos nuxvomica Linn, Berg-e-Gaozaban Borago officinalis Linn. Leaf, Ustukhuddus Lavandula stoechas Linn. Flower, Kateera Cochlospermum religiosum Linn. Gum, Narjeel Cocos nucifera Linn. Endosperm, Maghz-e-Chilghoza Pinus gerardiana Wall. Kernel, Dana Heel Khurd Eletarria cardamomum (L.) Maton Seed, Zarambad Curcuma zeodaria Linn. Rhizome, Shaqaq-ul-Misri Pastinaca secacul Linn. Rhizome, Sandal Safaid Santalum album Linn. Heartwood, Aamla Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Fruit


relief from joints pain, gout, sciatica, tremors and convulsion. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nervine stimulant

Shelf Life

18 Months

Dosage and Directions

3 grams to be taken twice a day with water after both meals.

Storage Conditions

Cold And Dry Place, Away From Sunlight

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