Cipzer Raughan-E-Zaitoon – 100ml


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Cipzer Male Spark Capsule is like a natural formulation that is helpful in normal body functioning and may also help to boost Body’s Defense system against infections, body illness & other diseases. No artificial colors are added to our to the product. INGREDIENTS: Khulanjan, Satawar, Taj Qalmi, Malkangani, Konch, Asgandh, Zanjabeel

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Olive edible oil


Olive oil is one of the best hair conditioners, due to the emollient properties that allow it to seep into the scalp and moisturize it so as to keep dry patches, baldness, and frizz away, It increases hair strength and improve elasticity, hair feels softer, stronger, and smooth in texture, It is anti-inflammatory in nature thereby prevents scalp conditions and dandruff, The high levels of Vitamin E and mono-saturated fatty acids make olive oil a very useful antioxidant to keep hair safe from free radicals, Olive Oil adapts according to the scalp type.

Shelf Life

18 Months

Dosage and Directions

One or two tablespoons of oil mixed in a cup of warm milk & drink at night.

Storage Conditions

Cold And Dry Place, Away From Sunlight

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