Cipzer Sharbat Arzani – 200ml


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Cipzer Male Spark Capsule is like a natural formulation that is helpful in normal body functioning and may also help to boost Body’s Defense system against infections, body illness & other diseases. No artificial colors are added to our to the product. INGREDIENTS: Khulanjan, Satawar, Taj Qalmi, Malkangani, Konch, Asgandh, Zanjabeel

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Zizyphus vulgaris (Unnab), Cordia latifolia (Sapistan), Rosa damascena (Gule Surkh), Viola odorata (Gule Banafsha), Borago officinalis (Gaozaban), Pyrus cydonia (Behidana), Plantago ovata (Isabghol), Alhagi pseudalhagi Manna (Turanjabeen), Sugar (Qand)


It is useful in relieving common cold, cough, catarrh & chest congestion, It is also used to remove constipation in both children and adults, It also cures intestinal desiccation, inflammation and ulcers, Helps in expelling phelgm / mucoid sputum from the chest.

Shelf Life

18 Months

Dosage and Directions

25 ml. mixed with 125 ml. Arq Badiyan

Storage Conditions

Cold And Dry Place, Away From Sunlight

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