Diabetes Care Pack – Diabo-BF, Diabo-Noon & Diabo-AF – 130 Gms


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Buy Diabetes has been one of the Most Challenging Diseases in the modern era. Over Million of people are detected diabetic every year around the world. It has been a growing concern because of the mortality rate caused by Diabetes.

Thanks to thousands of years of research and development under Ayush, this deadly disease can be reversed. Yes! you heard us right, Diabetes Reversal is Possible.

But it requires dedication towards health. Diabetes Reversal can be achieved by combination of Medication, Diet Management and Meditation.

Our company has Patent a combination of three products, these products are Clinically Proven and 100% Natural:

Diabo-BF: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Breakfast, this formulation helps to correct your Liver Functioning and Metabolism

Diabo-Noon: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Lunch, this product helps to Control your Sugar Levels.

Diabo-AF: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Dinner, this product helps to correct your Digestive System

In order to get best results, we suggest not to quickly shift your previous medications, continue your medication along with the Diabetes Care Pack. After 2 Weeks of usage recheck on your blood sugar if it has started reducing your can slowly stop the medication.

Meditation: Its very important to Meditate, For Hindus it is Suggested as Yog, For Muslims it is Salah and Every Religion has its own way of Meditation. We suggest you to do breathing exercise everyday in Morning and Night for at least 5 Mins along with the Medication.

Diet Management: Eating right is key to good health, we suggest you to decrease the Fat and Carbohydrate food from your Diet. We have seen on many patients that Diary Products have led to an increase Blood Sugar Levels. Do keep you Diet on Check.

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Diabo-BF: Mastagi (Pistacia Lentiscus), Tukhme Kasni (Cichorium Intybus), Gule Surkh (Rosa Damascena) Diabo-Noon: Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Arundinaceum), Dalchini (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) Diabo-AF: Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus), Zanjbeel (Zingiber Officinale), Chiraita Shirin (Swertia Chirata)


It?s a Unique Combination of Herbs that Helps you in Diabetes Reversal.


Helps to Start Your Diabetes Reversal Journey

Dosage & Direction

Diabo-BF: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Breakfast Diabo-Noon: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Lunch Diabo-AF: Take 1 Tablet 30 Mins before Dinner

Suitable For

Both Male & Female

Storage Condition

Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Shelf Life

3 Years

Target Audience


More Information

Although the tablets are safe. For pregnant and lactating females, it is advisable to use them only after consulting a health care practitioner.

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