Dr. Patkar’s Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) 50Ml


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Buy Dr. Patkar Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) 50ml In the body 80 % of human body comprises of water and water contains minerals. The body requires different amounts of each mineral because each mineral has a different set of functions and are essential for life processing. Minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy

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Himalayan rock salt and water.


It detoxifies the body and balances the pH, hydrates the body by providing trace minerals, reduces muscle cramps, balances the hormones and blood pressure, enhances sleep, helps in reducing weight.

Shelf Life

12 Month

Dosage & Direction

Add 20-30 drops in 500 ml of water. Stir and sip throughout the day.

Storage Condition

Normal Storage

Target Audience

Above 18

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Brand Name

Dr.Patkar\'s Healthcare India


Dr.Patkar's Healthcare India