Dr. Vaidya’S Piles Relief Pack ( 2 Piles Care And 1 Constipation Relief)


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Buy Dr Vaidya’S Piles Relief, Looking for an overall solution to help better manage your piles Look no further than Dr. Vaidya s Piles Relief Pack with Piles Care and Constipation Relief. Curated by Ayurvedic doctors, this pack is designed to give you fast-acting and long-lasting relief from piles while helping against the root cause of piles, indigestion and constipation.

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? Haritaki: Reduces the size of piles mass ? Sunth: Reduces abdominal pain & improves bowel movements ? Mahaneemb: Provides relief from piles symptoms ? Nagkesar: Reduces swelling & stops bleeding ? Triphala Guggul: Reduces pain & swelling ? Sonamukhi: Eases bowel movements ? Nishottar: Provides relief from constipation


? Relieves piles symptoms: Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients help combat pain, swelling, and itching. ? Reduces piles mass size & stops bleeding: Key herbs like Nagkesar help reduce piles mass size and stop bleeding to promote healing of fissures. ? Relieves constipation: Ayurvedic ingredients help relieve constipation by loosening stool. ? 100% natural with no known side effects: Curated by doctors, Piles Management Pack contains all-natural ingredients and causes no known side effects.

Dosage & Direction

Take 1 Piles Care capsule, twice a day, after food with water. Take 1 to 2 Constipation Relief tablets, after dinner, with warm water.

Shelf Life

730 days

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Brand Name

Dr. Vaidya's

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Dr. Vaidya's


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