Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Room Spray – 100 ml


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Buy Herbal Strategi Mosquito Repellent Room Spray – 100ml, UNIQUE BLEND OF AROMATIC OILS AND PLANT EXTRACTS, 100% HERBAL, NO CHEMICAL,NON TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY and SAFE. Cruelty free and vegan.


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CEDRUS DEODARA, *Devadaru, Oil 6 % ANDROPOGAN NARDUS**, Lamajjaka, Oil 4.5% CYMBOPOGON CITRATUS, * Bhutika.Oil 6 % AZARDIRACHTA INDICA, *Nimba, Oil 17 % Excipients QS *API, **AFI

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Dosage & Direction

Direction for use: 1.For the first 3 to 5 days spray 10 shots in the air, crevices under and behind beds/ cupboards and behind curtains. 2. Switch off fan/ A/c and keep windows and doors closed during and for 20 minutes after spraying. Avoid presence of infants / children during spraying. 3. From day 4/6 spray 3 shots in the air and 1to 2 shots under the bed every day. Precautions: Do not spray on the body, floor, wall or clothes. Keep away from children and direct flame. Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Store in a cool place/ avoid exposure to direct sunlight. For external use only.

Shelf Life

36 months


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