Hermas HairoCool Oil – 100 ml


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Buy Hermas HairoCool Oil 100ml is a combination of powerful herbs blended in coconut oil as a carrier. It is an effective remedy prepared from the oils of various herbs extracted in an organic way using cold press method to retain all the nutrients as such to get the maximum health benefits. This calming and soothing oil promotes deep rest; relaxation and sound sleep, hence allow natural de-stressing and rejuvenation.


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1. Cucurbita Pepo 2. Nardostachys Jatamansi 3. Elephantopus Scaber 4. Cocos Nucifera


Natural boon for Sound & Healthy Sleep

Dosage & Direction

Put oil on scalp and give gentle Massage.


Hairocool, a therapeutic oil, has cooling property, it can be applied (Qty: 3 ml or as directed by the physician) on the scalp and temples, can be massaged in a traditional way before going to sleep or before bathing. It is a powerful blend of various herbs in oils, gives subtle warmth and gets easily absorbed, and provides mild coolness to promote deep sleep and relaxation. The oil is specially designed for the chronic headache, insomnia, and migraine and it is available in 60 & 100 ml bottle. It works as a sedative and analgesic too.

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