Hermas Mundamil Powder – 15 g


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Buy Hermas Mundamil Powder 15gm is a mineral based therapeutic powder, meant for applying on the open wound and cuts. This herbomineral powder is prepared using special methods to get easily absorb and to give instant relief. It is a potent antiseptic, astringent and blood coagulant. This natural formulation contains Phitakiri Biryan (Alum) and Kushta Gaudanti (Gypsum). The astringent and coagulation effect of both the ingredients are brought by aggregation of the colloidal solution of protein in blood and the antiseptic effect is due to protein precipitation in the infected tissues. It has a cooling effect since it also neutralizes the heat and reduces inflammation at the site of the cut or wound.


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1. Shubhra Bhasma 2. Godanti Bhasma


For Acute Injuries & Bleeding

Dosage & Direction

Clean the area and sprinkle the powder. In case of bleeding apply pressure bandage or use as directed by the physician.


1. It can be used on cuts, external bleeding, infected wounds or various infection of the skin. 2. Very effective in varicose ulcer and in diabetic wounds. 3. The powder can also be used for the insect bite, eczema, burns, ulcerated sores, abscess, and various bleeding disorder since it is a potent astringent and antiseptic healing powder, it coagulates the blood, prevents bacterial growth, and inflammation as well.

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