Hermas Phelgonile – 200 ml


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Hermas Phelgonile syrup work as a mucolytic and expectorant, it is made up of all the holistic herbs that include Unnab, Sonth, and Assalusoos, which combinedly prevent all throat related ailments. Assalusoos is also known as licorice or mulathi, used to treat respiratory problems, keep the entire respiratory system functional, increases phlegm, produce healthy and clean mucous without sticking or clogging the throat. Unnab is a well-known fruit mostly found in Unani medicines, has enormous health benefits, it is a potent source of minerals, vitamins, and energy, boosts immunity, calms the nervous system, Sonth comforts the respiratory system and gives warmth to the entire airway passage.

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1. Aslussos 2. Zanjabeel 3. Ajwain Desi 4. Badiyan 5. Gauzuban 6. Gule Gauzuban 7. Gule Surkh 8. Gule Benafsha 9. Unnab 10. Sapistan 11. Qand Safed


A specific remedy for cold cough and congestion

Dosage & Direction

Children : 2 to 6 yrs 1?2 Teaspoon Adult : 1 Teaspoon Twice a day


1. The best remedy for the common cold, cough, chronic sinusitis, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. 2. Treats and prevents sore throat, bronchitis, and any bacterial or viral infection.

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