Vedagiri Vettupala Thailam 200Ml


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Buy Vedagiri Vettupala Thailam 200ml, Vedagiri Herbals Vettupala Thailam is an ayurvedic oil used for psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff etc. It is prepared from Vettupala (Wrightia tinctoria) and pure coconut oil.Vettupala or Wrightia tinctoria plant leaves contain flavonoids, glycoflavones-iso-orientin and phenolic acids and is very effective in treatment of Psoriasis and many other skin diseases. Vettupala Thailam treats patches effectively and reduces the keratinisation of skin.External application over head for sinusitis and hair falls and ideal for all disease of ear nose throat and eyes.It has anti-dandruff property used for hair oil preparations, skin diseases especially psoriasis.


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Wringhtia tinctoria, coconut oil

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