Xovak | Ayurvedic Icterus Care Tablets For treat Fatty Liver (60 Tablets)(PACK 4)


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Buy Xovak | Ayurvedic Icterus Care Tablets, Jaundice or icterus is defined as the yellow discolouration of the skin and whites of the eyes due to elevated levels of serum bilirubin. This usually demarcates the inefficiency of the liver which occur to cellular damage or any infectious pathology. The treatment in Ayurveda is to bring down the inflammation, treat infection, regenerate the liver cells, and detoxify the liver as an organ. Xovak Icterus Care is a formula based on the above principles. It has essential herbs that help treat the inflammation of the liver cells, control infection, remove the accumulated toxins, and regulate the production of bile. Xovak Icterus Care also improves digestive functions and enhances metabolism. The antimicrobial action of the herbs helps treat various infections and rejuvenates the liver cells. The symptoms like loss of appetite, sluggish digestion, flatulence, nausea, drowsiness, burning sensation in the body, weakness, and irritability. and irregular bowel habits are also taken care of by the detoxification process and the improvement of the health of liver cells and their functions. This results in good digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, enhancement of immunity, detoxification, and improvement of overall health. The general weakness, fatigue, and poor cognitive functions are also corrected. With fast recovery, the Xovak Icterus Care helps in restoring back normal and healthy life.

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Hepatoprotective Enhances metabolism Anti-oxidant Helps treat jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis Keeps cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure under control Liver Tonic

Shelf Life

1095 Days

Dosage & Direction

2 tablets a day after food or as directed by your physician.

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Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use Store in a cool and dry place Keep away from direct sunlight Do not refrigerate

Product Details:

60 tablets per bottle. 100% natural. 100% herbal. No side effects.

Brand Name

Xovak Pharmtech

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