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Buy Xovak | Ayurvedic Pregakyor Tablets -(60 Tablets), Morning sickness is an unpleasant feeling of nausea and vague discomfort. It is usually at its peak during the morning hours but can also be present during any time of the day. Most pregnant women, around 70% suffer from morning sickness during the early trimester of pregnancy. In most cases, this symptom tends to settle down subsequently. Although a common occurrence, it can be very disturbing for a pregnant female. If the symptoms are severe it may lead to dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, and a lot of anxiety. The exact cause is not known but however, but it can be tackled with some lifestyle and dietary changes along with medications. During pregnancy, the medicines have to be taken with care keeping in mind the effects of potential hazards on the fetus. Xovak Pharma has introduced a formulation that is specifically designed for morning sickness named Pregakyor and is practically safe to be consumed during pregnancy. It has a blend of herbs that helps regulate acid secretion and decrease the sensation of vomiting. The herbs balance the mucus secretion and improve digestion. They also have an astringent property that reduces the vomiting and nausea symptoms. These herbs nourish the tissues too. Besides, they also promote appetite and prevent excessive thirst. They also enhance mental health by relieving stress and anxiety. Hence, relaxed and safe handling of morning sickness with Xovak Pregakyor Tablets is a better choice.

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Helps ease morning sickness Reduces the episodes of nausea Helps cope with the stress and anxiety in pregnancy Lessens the symptoms of uneasiness Helps tackle the symptom of dyspepsia Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Shelf Life

1095 Days

Dosage & Direction

2 tablets a day after food or as directed by your physician.

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Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use Store in a cool and dry place Keep away from direct sunlight Do not refrigerate

Product Details:

60 tablets per bottle. 100% natural. 100% herbal. No side effects.

Brand Name

Xovak Pharmtech

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